Digital homes for older people – policy lessons

ICT AGE policy lessons

This report presents six policy lessons that could help public authorities at all levels of the EU Member States for use new technologies in long- term care service provision for older people. These policy lessons have come out of the ICT- AGE research proje ct carried out by the JRC- IPTS and funded by DG EMPL, based on the cross-analysis of good practices in technology-enabled services to help older people live independently at home.

These lessons could help public long – term care authorities to modernise their social protection systems in the field of long-term care, ensuring effectiveness, adequacy and sustainability. They could enable the Member States to carry out the actions and recommendations set out in the 2013 European Commission policy on Social Investment for Growth and Cohesion (SIP) and to implement the country -specific recommendations of the European Semester.
The report also describes the different existing instruments offered by the European Union, which could help public authorities to impleme nt these policy lessons.

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